Greece is not only Athens or Thessaloniki


The Countryside of the land is only beautiful cities, pictorial vill- towns and folklore villages.


Most of the time human relationships are more honest in countryside. But for many reasons such as studies, profession sociability and others, the youth leaves the countryside for large cities. So it is difficult for the people living on the countryside to settle their lives because of limited social contact. By choosing to live in their village, they reduce their chances of finding their mate due to the lack of options.

Similar, some persons love living in a village. When you grow up in a big urban center, you dream to live your life in the quality of the countryside, near the nature, therefore you consider ideal a partner living in the countryside or in a village.

Settling your life in the countryside, is a growing subject that recently got also a television interest. In that way we found out that for our needs there is out there someone that can fulfill every need we have, as long as we locate him/her, even in the countryside.


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