To be loved, you have to know and love, with respect.

When you feel attracted to anything good, accept it with respect and satisfaction.

Not show yourself through flirting ends in imbalance

The truth is happiness. Lie brings misery.

Love is not profit. It is a sacrifice and a permanent attraction.

If you feel attraction and you flirt, not you become vulgar, you fool yourself.

Sometimes, expensive tastes indicate quality. But in moderation and respect!

If you are not sharing your everyday life, do not building relationships.

Life is short, make every moment count. Flirting makes you high.

Do not reject anyone from his appearance, before you know him/her very well.

The acquaintance wants time to keep the attraction eternal and everlasting love!

Do not abuse any friendship, because quickly it dissolves and it’s a priceless relation.

When you are in a relationship, do not draw away from your friends.

Do not pretend to be a knight, if dont feel. Make Flirt in the 21st Century.

The superiority is talent! never appear. Shown to each other with respect!

The individual hygiene for every person is essential for an everyday relationship.

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